Gwyneth Elisabeth Maire Ochsner

  Our jewel

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Birth ± 1 month
Feb. ultrasound. Two hours old. One week old. Z & G hands. LEO & GEM CHM & GEM
What big eyes... A sleepy smile. Tigger after bath. In a milk coma. Traveller

4 to 12 months
Four Months. Five months. Seven months. Xmas Gwyn.
Xmas Gwyn. Wild Thing. Ten months.

First Birthday!
Cupcake1. Cupcake2. Cupcake3. Cupcake4.
New Chair. New Chair c/u. Baby in a bag. New Toy.

Second year
Flower Child. Hike w/ papa. Year-and-a-half. Cardiff Rose fencer. I am shocked! Teeter-totter.

At the Carnival, May. Gymnast, May. Olives, May. In the pool, Aug. Swimmer, Aug. Grandma reads to me, Oct.
Craft project, Oct. Nerf rocketship, Oct. Grandma's Glasses, Oct. Halloween fairy, Oct. Lots of presents, Dec. Oma, Opa, and Gwyn, Dec.
Uncle Kevin reads to me, Dec. Upside-down girl, Dec. MBA - penguins, Dec. MBA - big grin, Dec. MBA - hatchling, Dec. MBA - jumping pit, Dec.
On a carousel, Dec. Dancing at a wedding, Dec.

Cool dude, Feb. La Penseurette, Feb. Third birthday, Mar. Birthday cake face, Mar. Gwyn-in-a-Box, Apr. More Gwyn-in-a-Box, Apr.
New boots!, Apr. Hippos at the zoo, Apr. Ponytails, May. Dinner (with spoon), May. Taller-than-me tower, May. At the carnival, May.
Gymnast, May. I like mirrors!, May. On a carousel, Jun. On a train, Jun. Happy Father's Day, Papa!, Jun. Gwyn & Sirpa camping, Jun.
Sand-play at school, July Washing the dolls at school, August

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