[Monser Family Arms] My Family

In our household
[Laurie] [Gwyneth] [Devon]
My wife, Laurie (with Gwyn) Our daughter, Gwyneth Our son, Devon

My parents
[Carl] [Sara]  
Carl Monser, a retired veterinarian, avid golfer, and doting Grandpa. Sara Monser, a retired Family Life/Foster Care instructor and amazing Grandma.  

My siblings
[Kim] [Lindsay, Matthew, Logan, and Bryce] [Djubaya]
Kim Monser, my sister, is living in beautiful rural Sonoma County and loving life. She is a Bodywork practitioner and is expanding into the cutting edge of Energy Medicine with The BodyTalk System. Hiking, dancing and being an aunt fill her free time. My other sister, Lindsay Monser, her husband, Matthew Philpott, and their two children, Logan and Bryce.
They live in St. Louis, Missouri.
My brother, Kurt Monser (a.k.a. Djubaya), with Deborah Grace Kraft and their daughter, Talise Ella Kraft, live in Sebastopol, California. He raises exotic and timber bamboos among other things in their permaculture garden, and is an architectural designer and builder.

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